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You’ll see news stories and magazine features constantly boasting of the benefits an Italian of Mediterranean diet possesses, but knowing exactly why eating these types of food are good isn’t so well known. Read More Eat Healthy With An Italian Diet


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Ahh, the wonderful tooth! Teeth serve many wonderful functions. They help us chew, pre-process, and enjoy the food we eat. They help us convey emotion when we smile. Healthy teeth…

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Having your own teeth can sometimes be more trouble than it’s worth. We spend our lives getting them and then have to put up with the odd toothache, get a…

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Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right information regarding cancers and diagnoses. Eschewing complicated information in favour of a visual aid that can bring clarity to the topic…

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One of the biggest obstacles a person can face when going through cancer treatments is controlling their appetite. It’s very common for someone with cancer to lose a lot of…

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It might be a long time before someone suffering from cancer ever notices that they have it. It’s a common trope in many movies and TV Shows for a character…

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