Treating Cancer: The Facts & Figures

Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right information regarding cancers and diagnoses. Eschewing complicated information in favour of a visual aid that can bring clarity to the topic really helps. This infographic made by The LOC is a great way of helping visualise just how many people are affected by cancer and just what how large a role cancer plays in many lives.

The LOC Infographic - Final


Treating cancer and helping beat it is something that should be on everyone’s mind from time to time.If you want to find out more about cancer treatment, especially private treatment for lung cancer, visit The LOC’s site.


The Role Food Plays In Cancer

One of the biggest obstacles a person can face when going through cancer treatments is controlling their appetite. It’s very common for someone with cancer to lose a lot of weight during chemotherapy and radiotherapy. This is because the treatment can play havoc with the body’s digestive system. Read more

What Does Cancer Look Like?

It might be a long time before someone suffering from cancer ever notices that they have it. It’s a common trope in many movies and TV Shows for a character to all of a sudden have cancer (examples like this would include drama like Breaking Bad or The Big C), and while it can seem quite dramatic, it is true that many people can go for years without knowing they have cancer. Read more