3 Popular Alternatives to Smoking

In recent years we have seen a dramatic swing away from the smoking of tobacco to a range of alternatives.

There are quite a few contributing factors to this trend such as awareness campaigns telling every one of the dangers and potential health implications involved with smoking. Along with that law changes have made smoking in public buildings illegal in many countries across the world, encouraging people to cut back and eventually quit. The regulation of advertising and shop displays has also seen the tobacco industry having to change the way they do things.

Most people are more health conscious these days and smoking really doesn’t fit into that ethos. Health and fitness lifestyles are changing the way we eat, exercise and go about our day to day lives so people are exploring alternatives to tobacco smoking and finding that there are some great options out there.

Here are just  few of these alternatives that are worth considering if you are serious about quitting smoking and finding an alternative solution.

  1. Smokeless Tobacco

Smokeless tobacco options, such as chewing tobacco and snuff are shown to have less serious health implications than smoking and are considerably cheaper. Chewing tobacco allows the user to get their nicotine through their gums. Snuff Tobacco is ‘snuffed’ through the nose and the nicotine enters the blood through the mucous membrane.

Snuff in particular has seen a dramatic rise in its popularity in recent years as smokers look for alternatives that are more convenient, cost efficient and less harmful. For more details on Snuff products and prices see here.

  1. E-Cigarettes

One of the newer alternatives to smoking cigarettes are e-Cigarettes which allow the user to breath in vapour, getting the nicotine into the bloodstream in the same way that smoking would.  This is proving popular as many people who give up smoking miss the physical action making this the ideal substitute.

With various flavours being made available there are many choices for people looking into this option as a great alternative to smoking.

  1. Nicotine Patches

Giving up smoking is nothing new, people have been trying for years and one of the older and still successful ways to do that is with nicotine patches. These patches allow the user to still get their nicotine without the health risks that smoking brings with it.

As well as helping people stop smoking, nicotine patches have also been shown to help medically in certain cases proving their usefulness on more than one front.

Of course these are just 3 of many alternatives open to people looking to stop smoking and it is well worth exploring all your options to find the best one that suits your needs.