Alcoholic Drinks for the Health Conscious

When you think of a healthy diet, alcohol is generally not the first thing that comes to mind. While you won’t find many athletes knocking back 10 beers every day, there is a place in a balanced diet for the occasional drink, as long as it’s in moderation!

Like with food, different alcoholic drinks have their own calorie counts and nutritional value. A bottle of beer will have a higher calorie count than a shot of vodka, and you can easily find yourself ingesting a few hundred calories within a short space of time if you don’t watch what you’re drinking.

So, for those looking to stay trim we’ve put together a short list of the most waist-friendly drinks you can comfortably enjoy on a night out!


Whisky – Either neat or with a little water, whisky is one of the lowest calorie alcoholic drinks around. We’re big whisky fans, so our recommendation would be any of the small batch whiskies from Bowmore (if you’re lucky enough to track one down!)


Red wine – red wine seems to make an appearance whenever alcohol and health are mentioned together, and rightly so. It contains a number of age-fighting antioxidants, and in small doses can be good for your heart. We like a nice bottle of rioja!


Midori – Some people prefer something sweet when they’re out on the town, and the melon liqueur Midori is perfect for those with a sweet tooth. There are a ton of Midori-based cocktails that are delicious – just be sure to check what else is in there before you order.


Hopefully there’s something on our list that will suit your taste, just remember to take it easy!