Benefits of Vocal Massage Therapy

Vocal Massage is becoming more and more popular with those who use their voices professionally such as singers, actors and public speakers. The massage involves working the muscles in the face, head, throat and chest in order to relieve tension and free muscle adhesions. These muscles can often become overworked causing vocal fatigue and muscular tension.

If left untreated as these muscle groups become over strained so the surrounding muscle groups attempt to overcompensate for them and hence a wider array of muscle groups are often required to be focused on. In particular the diaphragm, chest, shoulders, throat, neck and head are focused on.

This form of therapy can benefit individuals in a number of ways; for starters the relaxation effect undergoing such a massage has on the body helps to release muscular tension and so aid breathing, digestion and decreases the release of stress hormones. It further helps to aid in correctly posturing the body and so provides optimal breathing for both athletes and singers. This also helps to straighten the larynx and to increase the flow of the lymph thereby filtering out waste products from the tissues and helping to boost the immune system.

Vocal massage can seem uncomfortable especially for those who are not used to having their throat manipulated however any mild discomfort soon disappears after a few treatments. It is also important to remember that due to the nature of these treatments i.e. the fact the therapist is required to manipulate the voice box, larynx and airway that it is important you use only qualified and reputable practitioners when undergoing such therapy.