Eat Healthy With An Italian Diet

You’ll see news stories and magazine features constantly boasting of the benefits an Italian of Mediterranean diet possesses, but knowing exactly why eating these types of food are good isn’t so well known.

Before you start believing that eating a frozen pizza is the first step towards eating healthily, you might want to take a step back and learn some facts about how eating the same foods Italians eat, and not the same kinds of food they eat, can do you a lot of good.

Here are some benefits you should know about.

1.It’s heavy on vegetables
A good Italian dish should be more than spaghetti and meatballs. Creating a balanced meal with plenty of colour on the plate from a wide variety of vegetables like onion, pepper, zucchini, green beans and tomatoes, means your meals are going to be chocked full of all the good stuff.

garlic bread2. They use garlic and bread, not garlic bread

A garlic baguettes in the freezer should only be used in emergencies. Cooking one for any other reason than your friends have come round last minute and you need something on a plate to serve isn’t acceptable. Garlic has so many great health benefits when used properly, and in a block of bread smothered with butter isn’t one of them. If you really want to have garlic bread on the table, just mince some garlic, stir in quickly in some half melted butter, sprinkle in some parsley and leave on the table for others to use as a dip.

olive-oil3.They use really good oil
Here is a really good and effective way to think of using oil in cooking, rather than lard or butter in the pan. Imagine your inside as a car engine. It needs oil to lubricate and operate. A little bit of oil used to cook with can make that process better. Using a heap of lard would only cause blockages and stop the engine running smoothly. Buying a bottle of good Italian olive oil is easy and better to have in the pantry.


4.It takes its time

Get a good whole grain pasta, fresh of dry, and use that for any pasta dish you have. And make sure you cook it just right. The more attention paid to the pasta, the better it will be at making you feel full up after eating. An overcooked pasta will have lower level of impact on your blood sugar, meaning the carbohydrates in the pasta can’t do their job properly.


5.Italians were eating Kale before it was cool
Lots of Italian dishes involve plenty of darker greens. What does this mean? Well instead of thinking that a leaf of lettuce is enough to put in a salad, they use kale, collards and brassica. They’re all packed with pockets of fibre that mean you’ll feel much fuller for longer without relying on heavy carbohydrates.