How Botox Injections Work

How Botox injections work is actually very simple, and they take only a few minutes. It is injected into specific muscles with fine needles, resulting in only a slight discomfort. However, it usually takes three to seven days for full effect. Pregnant and breastfeeding patients, as well as those who have a neurological disease should not get Botox.

The side effects of this procedure are temporary bruising, headaches that last from 24 to 48 hours and some eyelid drooping. Since this occurs as a result of Botox moving around, the treated area should not be rubbed for 12 hours after the injection. Also, patients should not lie down for three or four hours.

Botulism, which is a toxin usually associated with food poisoning, in severe cases can result in paralysis. However, scientists have found a positive use for this phenomenon. Injecting small diluted amounts of botox into specific muscles blocks signals from the nerves to the muscles causing them to weaken and to be unable to contract. It causes them to relax and to soften. It is the contracting of muscles that result in wrinkle lines. The main areas in the face affected by wrinkles are the forehead and around the eyes. Therefore, it stands to reason that the muscles of people who do not frown or smile very much would not get as many facial wrinkles as those that do. While it is not a very scientific association, some say that they can tell who the people are that smile a lot because they have pronounced crow’s feet (wrinkles around the eyes). The same line of reasoning is used that the forehead lines are a giveaway as to who frowns a lot. Using that rationale, people who have a so-called poker face, which hardly smiles or frowns should not have many wrinkles because their muscles would hardly be contracting.

The effects from Botox only last for four to six months at which time a repeat procedure is required to keep the wrinkles in check. A beneficial factor for the users is that gradually the wrinkles do not reappear as pronounced as previously because the muscles have been trained to relax.

With all of the media buzz around about the damage the sun does to unprotected skin, there are still sun worshippers who do not take it seriously, even when they see the formation of hard and determined facial lines because they believe that a few injections will erase them. Imagine their chagrin when they find out that Botox does not work on wrinkles caused from sun damage and gravity.