Liposuction’s Smarter Alternative

Like something out of sci-fi, cosmetic weight loss treatments are looking to the latest breakthroughs in technology to change how someone can do anything from remove a tattoo or mole to lose weight. One of the most popular treatments for helping someone lose weight is amazingly with use of lasers. In this short post I’ll be letting you know how surgeons are able to use laser lipo to help lose weight and how it works.

What to Know About Fat

So fat is hard to get rid of. We all know that. But why does fat occur in areas that people can have trouble losing weight with? When we eat anything the body breaks it down and lets energy in the form of triglycerides pass through the blood stream. Your body will either burn it if needed, or decide it wants to store it in adipocytes. These are your fat deposits.

When we give the body too much energy/fat it won’t think of just letting it pass through and will want to store it. That means we end up with love handles, a bit of a belly and fat in other areas too. And this fat doesn’t want to budge unless its forced to, and that’s where lasers come in.

What to Know About Lasers

Lasers are remarkable at helping remove all sorts from our bodies. You might know someone who has had a tattoo removed with a laser. A special laser pen can be aimed at the individual ink marks embedded in your skin that dissipate the ink and tell your red blood cells to remove the ink fro your body.

It is a very remarkable action but this is how fat can be removed too. Fat likes to sit over our muscles as padding and because it’s just sitting there, it can be manipulated quite easily.

What to Know About Laser Lipo

And this brings us to laser liposuction. Fat can be manipulated by heat a lot. You put oil or butter in a pan and can see it break down on the stove. Although a treatment like this doesn’t reach those extreme changes in temperature, a laser can break down fat in a similar fashion.

When the temperature of the body is raised, it can burn fat better. Pointing a laser pen or wand over an area of fat and raising it a few degrees higher than normal body temperature, anyone’s body will respond by thinking it needs to start breaking that fat down in to energy that your body needs. When it does so, and your body knows it doesn’t really need it, it will simply get rid of it.

What to Know About the Effects

You can’t just get laser lipo and expect to have no interference with the day to day routine. Because it targets such dedicated areas, the treatment needs to be carried out in sessions. Usually these will take place once a week for about 6-8 weeks and last an hour each time. In that period the body is going through a lot of change but thankfully isn’t receiving the same level that traditional liposuction caused.

Luckily, the only effects will be waiting a few hours to let your body fully heal and having to just allow the body to adapt and show the results. Because there isn’t any swelling too, there’s no need for a day or two off work.