The Role Food Plays In Cancer

One of the biggest obstacles a person can face when going through cancer treatments is controlling their appetite. It’s very common for someone with cancer to lose a lot of weight during chemotherapy and radiotherapy. This is because the treatment can play havoc with the body’s digestive system.

Diet still plays a major role when living with cancer and is often one of the first places a person will look to in order to create a positive change in their body. In this article you will be able to read about why a controlled diet is important, what to eat when fighting cancer and how to get the body back to normal after treatment by taking a completely different approach to dieting.

One of the big problems cancer patients face is lack of desire for eating. Cancer can change appetite and how often someone wants to eat. When going through treatment, the mouth and jaw can often feel painful, putting people off wanting to eat anything. The body always needs food to work correctly and fight off any bad cells on a daily basis that medicine alone can’t be reliant upon. Changing a diet to include more fruit and vegetables might sound like the most obvious idea, but it is something that needs adhered to.

Eating to fight cancer is very important. When going through treatment, your body needs to make use of more nutrients and energy to fight off illness. This doesn’t mean that someone should start drinking protein shakes and thinking that’s a problem easily solved. Eating to maintain order is what someone should be thinking about. Getting the recommended five-a-day of fruit and vegetables will see the body’s immunity become more tolerant. Someone might think that eating food with carbohydrates like bread and potatoes would be providing the body with the wrong kind of energy, but the body needs a high level of fibre which can only be sought from food rich in starchy compounds like wholegrain bread, beans, rice and oats. When some cancer patients have problems chewing, they often turn to porridge as a means of getting enough fibre in the body.

Diet plays an even bigger role after someone has completed treatment. Because a person has lost a lot of weight and stayed on a strict diet, they might be prone to keeping this new tradition up. Surprisingly, breaking the rules and eating food normally considered as ‘junk’ can be beneficial to recovery. It is common for dieticians and doctors to get patients to bulk up their diets before having to rely on vitamin supplements during recovery. What do some of the additions include? Well it could be the case of having a generous amount of butter on toast, making sure there’s extra mayonnaise in a sandwich, having full fat milk with coffee and including ice cream in smoothies.

It also important to remember that diet plays a major part in helping to prevent cancer. Remind yourself that with each portion of fruit and veg a person eats every day, having a little bit extra is a way of increasing how the body absorbs vitamins and controls function. The more you put it, the more the body gets out of it.