Why You Should Retain an Emergency Dentist For Your Children

Children of preschool and primary school age are among the most physically active age groups. They are always on the move, both at home and in the classroom. Children are often unaware of dangers which may happen while playing or practising sports – in particular contact sports. If your children are engaging in an activity which has a high risk of injuries, such as bone fractures, you need to pay close attention to it and get them high quality protective gear.

There’s also a high risk of dental trauma, so it’s important to learn and persuade your child to use mouthguard, face mask or any other device used for protection of the mouth area if they play a particular sport or another potentially dangerous activity.

While at school, children are cared for by teachers who in most cases have had cases of dental emergency among their pupils. They are instructed by dental professionals how to care for a child who got their oral health compromised owing to trauma. But they can no nothing without referring to the injured child’s parent.

If the injury happened at home or any other environment where you care for the child, you first need to find the exact location of the injury and call for immediate dental help. If you have found out your child is missing an adult tooth, you have to try to find it immediately. Dislodged or even chipped teeth fractions should be kept in a wet environment such as saline and given to the emergency dentist who will decide if it should be replanted or not.

Trauma is not the only reason for which your child could require an emergency dentist. Poor nutrition habits, meaning plenty of sugar and other acid-forming foods can lead to the deterioration of teeth in youngsters. The United Kingdom is hit by a tooth decay epidemic in young people. During the 2013-2014 school year 23,812 children were admitted to hospital for dental reasons, according to Health and Social Care Information Centre.

Tooth decay often puts children in severe pain which is certainly something that needs urgent attention. In most cases, it’s just a local infection which can be healed quickly and easily. However, it needs to be dealt with as soon as possible.